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2018年,論文《The Transformation of Nostalgia:German Romanticism Paintings and Chinese Rural Paintings as Examples》收錄於CPCI-SSH。多年獲學校優秀教師獎勵;2015年獲四川省優秀民辦教師榮譽稱號;多次受邀參加重要畫展,其中2014年繪畫作品《角落》入選四川省美術家協會主辦“水韻天府--四川省水彩畫作品展”;2015年8月參加“疊印2015:中國當代藝術家巴黎作品展繪畫作品”;2016年4月參加“疊印巴比鬆-中國藝術家2015巴比鬆寫生回顧展”;2016年8月參加“超回路---中國藝術家柏林油畫展”;2017年1月繪畫作品《亦真亦幻》入選四川省美術家協會主辦“首屆四川省鋼筆畫作品展”,獲優秀獎。

Associate Dean, Associate Professor of Art College of Sichuan University Jinjiang College, Master of Fine Arts, Doctor of Management, Deputy Director of the Basic Teaching and Research Section of the Art College, and Member of the Sichuan Artists Association.

In 2015, in the "Reconstruction of Art History Narration and Art Classics---Professor Teaching Research and Proceedings of the College of Art of Sichuan University (2015)", published "Babison Essay";

In 2016, published the paper "The Construction of the "Education Community" - the Education Field under Bourdieu's "Field" Theory, "Traditional Reconstruction and Text Liberation in Cai Guoqiang's Fireworks Installation" and "Nostalgia" --- Parallel Contrastive Study of German Romantic Paintings and Chinese Native Art, "Emotional Intermediary Mechanism of Personality Traits in Investment Decisions in Art Bidding Auctions", "Advantages, Problems and Countermeasures of Using Animation in News Reporting";

In 2017, he published the paper "Independent College Art Design Basic Teaching Model from the Perspective of Cognitive Model";

In 2018, the paper "The Transformation of Nostalgia: German Romanticism Paintings and Chinese Rural Paintings as Examples" was included in CPCI-SSH. He has been awarded the honorary award of outstanding teachers in the school for many years; he was awarded the honorary title of outstanding private teachers in Sichuan Province in 2015; he was invited to participate in important art exhibitions many times, among which the 2014 painting "Corner" was selected by Sichuan Artists Association to host "Shuiyun Tianfu--Sichuan Province Watercolor Painting" Exhibition of works; In August 2015, he participated in “Overprint 2015: Paintings of Chinese Contemporary Artists' Paris Works Exhibition”; in April 2016, he participated in “Overprint Barbizon-Chinese Artists 2015 Barbizon Sketching Exhibition”; participated in August 2016 “Super Circuit---Chinese Artist Berlin Oil Painting Exhibition”; in January 2017, the painting “Yi Zhen Yi Hua” was selected by the Sichuan Artists Association to host the “First Sichuan Pen Painting Exhibition” and won the Excellence Award.